A plot overview of the plot of an inspector calls

Though she resists, Mrs. Inspector Goole says that he is investigating the death of a young woman who committed suicide, Eva Smith. When Goole, a man who claims to be an inspector, arrives the celebrations are put on hold.

Eva had waited on her there, but Sheila had been jealous of Eva—a working-class girl who possessed physical beauty.

Sheila commends Gerald for coming forward with the truth but hands Gerald her engagement ring, calling off the wedding. While the play follows this convention by taking place in a drawing room, it is also considered a critique of hypocrisy.

Arthur believes that the family has been hoaxed, and that this is a good thing, since their misdeeds will not now result in public scandal.

The Birlings know it must be Eva, and they also know that when the truth is revealed, their reputations will be ruined. He then references the coming war—World War I—by telling them that if they do not learn to live as a society, then they will learn it in violence and despair.

Gerald admits to this.

An Inspector Calls Act Summaries

Act 3 Eric is revealed as the father. Gerald still wants to marry Sheila, but she does not want to wed a man who had an affair. The Inspector now shows Mrs. When he mentions that her name was Eva Smith, Mr.

Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. The phone rings, and Arthur answers. Birling prove these hypotheses to be correct after calls to the Police Department and to the Infirmary.

Plot summary

Arthur believes that his foremost obligation is to his profits. When all but Sheila and Gerald leave the room, Sheila accuses Gerald of having had an affair with Daisy Renton the previous summer.

Birling gives a toast, and Gerald gives Sheila her engagement ring, which she puts on her finger very excitedly. An Inspector Calls by J.

Gerald tells the Inspector he is going to leave for a walk. Eric re-enters the house, and admits to impregnating the girl and offering her stolen money.

A drawing room was a designated space for entertaining guests.Jan 12,  · An Inspector Calls Plot MrCorrieClifton.

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Set in AprilBrumley, Midlands, UK. The Birling family and Gerald Croft are celebrating Sheila Birling 's engagement to Gerald with a dinner.; Mr Arthur Birling, Sheila's father, is particular pleased since the marriage means closer links with Crofts Limited which is run by.

Explore the devices Priestley uses to make 'An Inspector Calls' as dramatic, engrossing and meaningful today as it was for its first audience, with specific reference to Act 3 Discuss the impact of the inspector's final speech & exit and explore why it is made more dramatic given the social and historical context of the play.

An Inspector Calls () Plot. Showing all 2 items Jump to: Summaries (2) Summaries. Based on a famous stage play and set in the yearan upper crust English family dinner is interrupted by a police inspector who brings news that a girl known to everyone present has died in suspicious circumstances.

It seems that any or all of them could. Jeff Green takes us through the plot of J B Priestley’s play, An Inspector Calls. An Inspector Calls – Plot Summary The Birling family are holding a dinner party to celebrate the engagement of Sheila to Gerald Croft, the .

A plot overview of the plot of an inspector calls
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