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In order to remain viable as a business, it is important that all Carbonite users comply with our terms of service. Now if your businesses uses a Windows file server and you would like to back this up too, then you will need to go with the Carbonite Power plan.

Our Basic plan allows you to back up all user files on one PC.

Carbonite Cloud Backup

I can walk you through this process! If you plan to back up two computers, you will have to pay for two subscriptions for this as this plan does not allow for sharing of backup and storage space. Carbonite Pricing Plan Summary. For Carbonite Safe Power plan, you get: If you need to backup an unlimited number of servers in addition carbonite business plan your multiple computers, external hard drives, and NAS devices, then this is the plan for you.

You have three options for the Home Plan: To summarize, here again is a quick rundown or guide regarding which Carbonite Business plan might suit your business: Carbonite only backs up the changed parts of edited files, like CrashPlan, so it should run pretty efficiently without disabling continuous backup.

This backup solution is perfect for personal use or for a home-based business or home office that needs to backup one or two computers. For personal use or home-based businesses or home offices.

Carbonite Review: Which Backup Plan Is Right For You?

Now, if you would like the two computers to share backup and storage space and manage and monitor the files for both computers under one browser-based dashboard, then you might like to consider the Carbonite Pro plan for your business.

You can actually exclude by file type if you want to skip over system, temporary files and the like. In addition to the features of both the Basic and Plus plans, you get a courier recovery service. On a final note, CrashPlan compresses files by default. You can backup unlimited data at a fixed price per computer per year.

Obviously, this plan is for the home-user who primarily wants to backup and secure personal files such as personal documents, music and audio files, video files, school files, and other files that a typical personal laptop, computer, or smart phone would have.

Please see the chart below for the drives that are supported under each plan. You might be asking: One PC includes one internal hard drive.

Should You Use Carbonite Pro Backup For Your Business?

However, in our experience compression more often tends to slow a backup down. Carbonite offers unlimited backup for one computer. You can read our general article about expectations for backup speed to learn more regarding impacting factors, but the central issue with both services seems to be an absence of much infrastructure.

The Carbonite Home plan started it all. Now if your businesses uses Windows file servers and you would like to back these up too, then you will need to go with the Carbonite Pro Prime plan.Jun 29,  · Carbonite Cloud Backup starts at $ per year and does a good job in its mission as a small business-oriented Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) solution.

Where it falls short here is that. Carbonite backup solutions provide comprehensive protection for your data center, with flexible deployment options and multi-platform support, plus powerful high availability plans to protect your critical systems from disruptions of any kind. While Carbonite has a personal plan available that ranks among the best unlimited online backup tools, its business plans are a compelling alternative to CrashPlan for Small Business, at least on.

Do You Have A Home-Based Business Or A Home Office?

Carbonite Safe Pro vs CrashPlan for Small Business

If you are a home-based business or have a home office and plan to backup only one computer, then your best option is the Carbonite Home plan. With this plan, you can backup unlimited data for a fixed affordable price (starts at only $) a year.

If you are unsure of which Carbonite plan you have, you can view your subscription name by opening Carbonite and selecting My account (for Windows) or Account (for Mac).

For more information on determining which version you have, please follow the instructions outlined in the following articles.

The Carbonite Safe Power plan is a derivative of what used to be known as the Carbonite Pro plan and the Carbonite Server plan when these plans were first introduced in the market. Who is the Carbonite Safe Power plan for?

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Carbonite business plan
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