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Getting your city to officially participate in your parade will help draw media. Permission or permits are likely necessary. Each local event partners with a school or college near that event.

There is a lot of innovation from around the world that did not make this Top 10 List, which focuses on the current U. General Suggestions for Corporate Involvement Provide event space at a parking lot or elsewhere.

Whether you are building new, or repowering, we can meet your electric sailboat motor or power boat motor needs. Present an award to a local company, public official, agency, or community organization that has done a lot to promote EV-readiness in your community.

It reduces electronic complexity and simplifies mechanical construction of the electric powertrain.

Apple invests $300M to drive clean energy use in China

This makes assembling your power train really simple. You could also bring the cars together in one location and have an informal parade that does not require a permit. It manages to carry through the Italian charm and personality found in its gas models. Ride-and-Drives We have seen that when people drive or take rides in EVs, they are much more likely to appreciate that these vehicles are real, plausible, fun, and exciting — and to make a purchase or lease.

Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn reiterated recently that his company will support electric drive while also offering plug-in hybrids and fuel cell electric cars and hybrid-electric models. Say goodbye to diesel smell and maintenance.

We understand that test drives or test rides may not be possible for all events, but we encourage all city captains to think about how they might make ride-and-drives a component of their events.

The packaging of the Golf is another plus. They start with the full-electric Ford Focus and two plug-in hybrids, the Fusion Energi and C-Max Energi both of which also come in a plain-Jane hybrid version. The Model S is the best-selling plug-in car in the U.

The i has an electric range of 62 miles EPA adjusted with a 16kWh lithium battery. Accepting Gifts City captains are obviously free to accept support in any appropriate form from sponsors.

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All funds through the Drive Clean Truck program are currently committed.Answers. to Your Questions. Q. Why should I drive electric? A. Plug-in electric cars deliver all the features and safety of a regular gasoline car with additional benefits.

With lower fuel costs (electricity vs. gasoline) and lower maintenance costs, PEVs cost less to. German engineering – das electric.

Accepting Voucher Requests for Drive Clean Truck and Drive Clean Taxi Voucher Funds

First, it’s a Golf, which is a great small car package. Its cousin, the plug-in hybrid (PHEV) Audi A3, is a similar delight to drive and has been holding its own in that market segment.

The first one cell powertrain system in the world. L7 Drive is a new power management solution for all electric motor drives. It reduces electronic complexity and simplifies mechanical construction of the electric powertrain. What is Integral e‑Drive? Integral e-Drive is the electric drive division of Integral Powertrain.

Our mission is to provide the best possible solution to your electric drive system requirements. Review of the most popular conversion kit to turn any bike into a mid drive electric bike.

Clean Fleet Report covers electric cars, plug-in hybrids, hybrid cars, clean diesels, fuel-efficient AWDs and 4WDs.

Drive clean drive electric
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