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Ordinary Least square OLS method for regression is used for the statistical analysis.

This re-affirmation provided evidence of success, hence the increase in FDI. GDP is regressed on the level of FDI and other variable such as labour force, physical Economic growth of china essay, and human capital.

From tothe market share of China in the international trade has increased from 1. Adjusted R2 is 0. It takes account of loss of degrees of freedom. The productive value produced by companies supported by FDI has occupied a higher proportion in the gross value of industrial output Hong Jiang, and Zhuang Zhou It has also some negative impacts The rapid expansion of FDI has increased the risks of international balance of payments.

The reason variables are logged is simply because log variables are invariant to scale of the variables see equation 3. Model Specification Further theoretical and qualitative insights can be drawn for this research but it is important to stress however that empirical analysis are also crucial in understanding the relationship between FDI and economic growth and also the spillover effect caused by FDI.

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There is evidence of heteroskedastic patterns in the residuals. FDI encourages local firms to improve their technological competence by generating knowledge or technological spillovers that increase factor productivity.

The correlation matrix as seen in the appendix shows a strong linear positive statistical association or relationship between the real GDP explanatory variables.

It occurs when random variable have different variances therefore causing OLS to underestimate the variances and standard errors of the coefficients. The white test is the most used test for heteroskedasticity. There are UK writers just like me on hand, waiting to help you.

The reason for using human capital as a variable is that, economic growth in a country will be influenced by a lot of factors and human capital especially education is one of them, so we use secondary school because education is optional after this period.

The adjusted R2 is 0. In recent years, foreign-invested firms have become a very important part of the Chinese economy. Ordinary Least Square OLS Regression The next step is the regression analysis; it explains the movements of the dependent variable in this case real GDP in terms of a set of other variables independent or explanatory variables through the quantification of a single equation.

From Figure 1, there is a notable increase in FDI from to Borensztein et al tested the impact of FDI on growth with respect to technology spillover which was labour augmented and found a positive impact between the two and concluded that the spillover effect centres on the presence of a threshold level of educated labour force.

Graphs An important step in the analysis of this study is the graphs. Similarly there was evidence of heteroskedasticity given by the White test as shown in Table 3 however, Figure 6 shows that the errors are normally distributed. It widened the income gap between the eastern and the western regions of China Chen, Chung, Lawrence Chang and Yimin Zhang Multinational companies have started to pay higher salaries for their employees.

Almost all countries are seeking to attract FDI, because of the various amounts of benefits that it brings; which include income generation from capital inflows, advanced technology, management skills and market know-how.

Mah show that FDI inflows have not caused real economic growth in China.To keep its exchange rate hooked to the dollar, China was the biggest buyer of American Treasury bonds over the past year. The Economic Growth Of China Economics Essay Introduction Economic growth of a country has long been regarded from the viewpoint of the increment of productive capacity.

Economic: International Trade and China Major Exports Essay • The trade balance of China for the period of Export growth has continued to be a major component supporting China’s economic growth.

Causes of China's Economic Growth. China Agriculture is one of the most important sectors of economy the agriculture sector provides more than 12 percent of GDP and is still a key employer at almost 50 percent of total employment, reflecting the large gap in labour productivity compared to.

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China’s Successful Economic Growth China may share some economic growth patterns with Japan, Korea, and Taiwan due to cultural similarities, geographic location, similar economic development strategies, or, in the case of Japan, relatively large size of the domestic economy.

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Economic growth of china essay
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