How to write a techno bassline

Add Embellishments Using the above two techniques alone will create some real interest in your composition.

Have Fun with the Bass! Notice how at 0: My final tip is to simply enjoy playing around with your bass line. More on this later. This means, you should first identify the following; What key is your song in?

The Root Note First of all you need to understand some of the basics about your song before you can write a good bass line. This sets us free from only using the basic notes of the chord, to using notes in the scale.

We could follow the same principle, on the 3rd chord C major.

Make a techno bassline with Operator

For example, you might have in your song, a move from the C chord, to an F chord. For example, in our example, the chord sequence is: Repeat Notes Repeat the same note, adding a emphasis to the beat or rhythm of the music. There are a few simple tricks you can employ when adding embellishments to a bass line.

Musicians and composers have been using bass lines to spice up their scores for centuries, across all genres of music from classical to blues, jazz to pop.

The next thing to try therefore is to replace some of the root bass notes with a different note from the chord being played. Hop Octaves Simply play the same bass note an octave higher, or lower, to add another element of interest to the bass line, rather than staying on or repeating the same note.

Notice how different this makes things sound? Could you hear the difference? Sounds pretty good, right? What are the main chords in the song? This is often done on the last beat of a bar at its simplest level, or by several repeats of the same note throughout the bar.

C major, G major, C major, F major. However, sticking to this technique all the way through a song will risk your composition sounding simplistic or a little dull. Keep trying out new notes, adding embellishments and even vary the bass at different parts in your piece.

C, G, C, F. Both versions sound good, because both deploy the same basic principle of the bass note using tones from within the overall chord being played in the backing track.Try adding more complex rhythms to your bass line to emphasis the main beat, or even provide some syncopation against the rest of the backing track / melody.

b. Hop Octaves. Simply play the same bass note an octave higher, or lower, to add another element of interest to the bass line, rather than staying on or repeating the same note.

Aug 11,  · Remember that the bassline doesn't have to be the most interesting part of the song. If it sounds good with the other parts, then it should be fine unless there really has to be an amend to it.

Look into music theory a little to understand scales and arpeggios. Also, make sure chords are a comfortable concept. You don't always have 78%().

10 Common Bassline Patterns in EDM

We’ll show how to create not just the bassline pattern, but also how to write the entire midi sequence. We could just give you files, but there’s a greater chance of learning something from this post.

Dubspot instructor John Selway has a new video series, Techno Fundamentals, in which he'll be demonstrating the making of a techno track. In this first video, John shows how to add a deep bassline from Operator to a basic kick-hi-hat beat.

This is an example of the bassline pattern used in old-school Progressive House Tracks. The bass hits simultaneously with the chords. Also, as the focus is on the chord progression, the bass is kept simple in terms of both its pattern and its sound characteristics.

It is a basic resonated square wave playing a steady 1/8 pattern. Jul 16,  · Home > The Forums > Electronic Music Instruments and Electronic Music Production How to really make a drumcode type of Techno Bassline?

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How to write a techno bassline
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