Humanitarian assistance and sierra leone essay

In the face of new wars and its complexities, it points out that humanitarian agencies should respond strategically by acquiring new skills and knowledge.

It approaches the topic of human rights and conflict in the perspectives of different actors such as peace builders, human rights lawyers, and conflict mediators. The young leaders realized their capacity to build peace by reaching out to their communities[29] with the lessons of tolerance they had learned during the training and camps.

The classical rules of warfare[2] in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century — which grant civilians noncombatant immunity from violence — are challenged in the contemporary conflicts, where "the distinction between civilian and military[3]" has virtually disappeared. In the new wars, non-state actors intimidate civilians through mass killings, brutal and coercive acts, and destabilization strategies.

As highlighted in several case studies above, skills such as improved humanitarian intelligence, expertise on humanitarian and human rights law and human rights reporting are necessary negotiation and peace building tools that enable humanitarian access, protection of civilians, reconciliation in the long term, and case-specific response to a conflict.

In addition, the human rights monitoring and reporting are vital for building peace in the long term. Free Sierra Leone Rubrics Paper. Since humanitarian professionals are already on the ground, have better knowledge about the local conflict situation, culture, language and local sensitivities, and since their agencies have most likely established some credibility and legitimacy in the local society, they can serve as efficient partners for major human rights agencies Humanitarian assistance and sierra leone essay as the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights.

Introduction The contemporary conflicts are generally classified as "new wars[1]," which are primarily characterized by a changed type of warfare.

It is by no means a complete discussion of how humanitarian organizations should develop in the future. The Development Enterprise in Rwanda. Since humanitarian assistance and negotiations take place during the preliminary stages of international engagement in re-building and recovery of conflict-ridden societies, they must foster conditions for peace that have lasting impact.

It also explores the question of what can be done to protect human rights such as humanitarian intervention. The RAO programme conveys important lessons.

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The following year, 40, children attended a total of camps. In fact, the decision to act on the atrocities expressed by the rebels against innocent Sierra Leoneans took time for any action to be taken by the UN, probably due to the foreseen challenges.

It compels humanitarian organizations to develop tools and strategies that tackle "specific dilemmas in specific contemporary wars[4]". Blood Diamond Movie Summary. Fully built bibliographies and works cited.

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We will write a custom essay sample on any topic specifically. Nevertheless, humanitarian agencies should adopt a long-term approach that will help them determine the overall impact of their responses in a local context and better address the problems in the rehabilitation and recovery stages of a specific crisis.

The skills and lessons presented are always analyzed in the context of a specific case presented in each chapter. If done in a timely and effective manner, such attempts may be able to significantly pacify a conflict situation before the eruption of a full-scale violence.

This book examines how spoilers and spoiling behavior of conflict actors affect peace processes. It is an easy-read compilation of experiences of humanitarian workers.

For a moment there was an impending problem at the United Nations regarding the lack of action to solve a critical humanity crisis capable of virtually consuming its image to the rest of the world as a lead intervener in such situations. The ICRC used networking to develop conditions for peace such as a strong legal basis for civilian protection.

The RAOs often acted as third party interveners in confrontational situations between Palestinian protesters and Israeli forces.

Sierra Leone Mudslides: Making sure humanitarian aid reaches women

For many of the children, it was the very first time that they lived, learned, and played with Christians, Muslims, and Druze. An Essay in Comparative Very similar in some ways, but strikingly different in others, Sierra Leone and Liberia have an obvious appeal for comparative analysis.

Despite the fact that humanitarian responses have such important bearings on the local society, humanitarian agencies often do not examine the long-term and broader impacts of their actions. Civil War in Sierra Leone. These provisions essentially gave the United Nations authority to ensure that order was restored in Sierra Leone by disabling the operations of the rebel groups in their respective areas of operation.

This book offers a comprehensive history of how the international humanitarian system has evolved. In even as the war persisted, UNICEF successfully organized peace camps with considerable support from both local and international media.Restrictions on peaceful assembly and impunity for excessive use of force by the Sierra Leone police Sierra Leone: District Level In-Country Programmes, WFP offices and Food Distribution Points, 2 May Conflict Diamonds in Sierra Leone: The International Response essay writing service, custom Conflict Diamonds in Sierra Leone: The International Response papers, term papers, free Conflict Diamonds in Sierra Leone: The International Response samples, research papers, help official commencement of humanitarian assistance from.

articles international humanitarian law and the conflict in sierra leone babafemi akinrinade* introduction .

Important Skills for Humanitarian Professionals Working in a Contemporary Conflict Environment

The Interaction between Political and Humanitarian Action in Sierra Leone, to Geneva, March relationship between political and humanitarian action. Research was carried out during a six- The latter was accused of blocking humanitarian assistance from reaching Sierra Leone, along with donors such as the UK.

3. Humanitarian Assistance And Sierra Leone Essay – Conflict Diamonds in Sierra Leone Essay. words – 3 pages The UN definition of a conflict diamond or blood diamond is one that originates from areas controlled by forces or factions opposed to Sierra Leone in the Year – EssaySimilar Essays. Essay about Humanitarian Assistance and Sierra Leone - Humanitarian Assistance and Sierra Leone Introduction When a country fails to provide the basic needs of survival for its people, the international community is faced with the issue of intervention.

Humanitarian assistance and sierra leone essay
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