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In rural areas, they live Life of poor people-essay mud thatched small huts and in urban areas in ghettos slumsdevoid of all basic utilities—water, latrines, bathrooms, electricity, etc.

Most poor people are either engaged in low-paying jobs or are without jobs. For Mo, hard work and a good education took her to Harvard and Stanford. This happens to both rural and urban workers. This change in technology has made many people poor while a meagre i.

According to UNDP report39 per cent of the rural population was living below the poverty line or earning less than Rs 2, per person per year. The poor have no assets to protect them from the collapse of their precarious financial situation.

The use of computers in banks, railways, colleges and schools and in many government and private sector organizations has not only thrown many persons out of job and but also lessened the opportunities for jobs.

Several elements of normal psychology combine to keep many across the economic spectrum convinced that the rich and the poor deserve what they get — with exceptions made, of course, mainly for oneself.

Moreover, the commodities they purchase from nearby grocery shop are often of low quality, adulterated and stale devoid of any nutritive value. From his perspective, the food-stamp recipients were Life of poor people-essay and enjoyed selling food to support addictions rather than working honestly.

Read all articles here Topics. Some will even go so far as to deny that they even get welfare payments, he adds. The more you engage with with people unlike you and learn about their lives and stories, the harder it is to see them as stereotypes or to dismiss their challenges as trivial.

They also pay more for most of what they buy. Their history and circumstances are invisible from your perspective. Who the poor are today is quite different from those called poor in an earlier period. The nature of poverty has undergone considerable change over the years.

They thus have hand-to-mouth existence at such times. She figured that the elite students who wanted to join the program were already inclined to see structural disadvantages but found that, even for them, real experience deepened their commitment.

Most of their incomes, if any, are spent on food. As the dream has faded, however, its effects have not. People who do not have technical education today have less and less opportunities in the job market.

What these academics are finding is that the American dream is being used to rationalize a national nightmare. The change in technology has changed the face of poverty. She is among a group of scholars trying to understand how rich and poor alike justify inequality.

Now, as an assistant professor of public policy and education at Vanderbilt University, Mo studies how to get upper-class Americans to recognize the advantages they have. Rosie Roberts Cecilia Mo thought she knew all about growing up poor when she began teaching at Thomas Jefferson senior high school in south Los Angeles.

This is a natural tendency to see the behavior of others as being determined by their character — while excusing our own behavior based on circumstances.Poverty Society has misinterpreted of what being poor is and that has an effect on people who are poor. In my opinion nobody realizes what poor is but the poor do.

For example, anybody walking down the street could be living in poverty but there face or body language might not show it. In other words, other poor people are poor because they make bad choices – but if I’m poor, it’s because of an unfair system.

As a result of this phenomenon, Pimpare says, poor people tend to be hardest on each other. He gives the example of a large literature in anthropology and sociology about women on welfare published since the s.

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Why do we think poor people are poor because of their own bad choices?

Poor people get contented with what they have. They do not aspire for more. They believe that to desire for more things means to complicate your life. When poor people achieve their small dreams, they start to live a shoddy life. Rich People. Rich people aspire for more. They believe that their abilities can bring them to places.

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Point. The Difference in Society among Rich and Poor Essay - The world is changing at an extremely rapid pace, and technology is evolving constantly. these people are entitled to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

- I personally think that there should be rich people in the world as well as poor people. This enables the rich to.

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Life of poor people-essay
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