Mis coursework

Master of Science in Management Information Systems

Study on neural netowrks technology and exploration of its potential applications in business and management through hands-on class projects. State-of-the-art database technologies are used Mis coursework demonstrate and practice the concepts, methodologies, and techniques.

Assigned problems require considerable time in computer lab. Fundamental concepts of systems and information are covered. Project topic must be approved in advance by the MIS Department Committee; Mis coursework report and oral presentation required.

Access to the Internet is required. ISM 3 credits - Advanced Database Administration Advanced practice and research in database systems, to include entity-relationship modeling, relational databases, object-oriented databases, performance issues, and management of the database administration DBA function.

If the project is not completed Mis coursework the initial three-hour enrollment, students must register for one credit hour on an audit basis in all subsequent semesters until the project is completed. Examines how information technology makes possible new business models, new organizational structures, and new management processes.

The new pages are here. Technical Core 12 credits The following four courses provide a solid understanding of state-of-the-art research and practice in technical areas of Information Systems. The role of systems in transforming organizations and markets; global perspectives. Open to graduate non-majors if space is available with permission of the instructor and their advisers.

Business Uses Mis coursework the Internet 3 Hrs. Special emphasis is placed in this course on microcomputer-based decision support systems.

An introduction to structured programming. Thesis topic must be approved in advance by the MIS Department Committee; written report and oral presentation required.

BUSor equivalent, or permission of instructor. Capstone Course 3 credits ISM 3 credits — Enterprise Information Systems Management An advanced study of information system management to include system planning, project selection, project management, and organizational information management policies.

State-of-the-art database systems will be used for individual and group projects. The role of MIS in those areas will be addressed. This course covers a variety of related Decision Support Systems topics. This course equips students with fundamental concepts an techniques of expert systems.

Provides non-majors an opportunity to develop personal computer skills that will help support organizational decision-making. Provides a process-oriented view of the organization and its relationships with suppliers, customers, and competitors; processes as vehicles for achieving strategic objectives and transforming the organization; process analysis, design, implementation, control and monitoring; processes as a means of achieving compliance; impact on work; the role of enterprise resource planning ERPsupply chain management SCMand customer relationship management CRM systems.

Impact on work practices. In each semester, these selected topics may not be the same depending on what topics are current and emerging. Programming skills in an object-oriented language will be developed. If the thesis is not completed during the initial six-hour enrollment, students must register for one credit hour on an audit basis in all subsequent semesters until the project is completed.

The main topics covered are dimensional modeling, Star and Snowflake scheme, data staging, logical and physical design implementation, and query design. MIS or equivalent. Explores the use of modern technology, including the Internet, to gain a competitive edge in the marketplace.

ISM 3 credits - Advanced Systems Analysis and Design Students learn to manage and perform activities throughout an information systems development life cycle, from the analysis of system requirements through system design to system implementation and operation.

Emphasis on control structures, simple data types including arrays, and creating simple Windows applications. A group project using advanced CASE tools is an integral portion of the course.

Within the context of the need for having an adaptive organization, includes the examination of modern theories of competitive strategy, gathering and use of competitive intelligence, the role of the sales force in competitive strategy formulation and execution, and the ethics of competitive intelligence.

Topics include various types of information systems, use of information by management, and information systems applications. Topics include computer-based information systems, user requirements, and analysis and specification of systems requirements, life cycle, and security.

Offered only online as an MIS elective. Managing projects within an organizational context, including the processes related to initiating, planning, executing, controlling, reporting, and closing a project.Free online MIS (management information systems) courses are offered at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Open University as part of the Open Courseware Consortium.

These online MIS courses, along with the others listed below, are not given for credit and most have no prerequisites. Coursework Our Management Information Systems (MIS) degree and program is now called Business Analytics and Information Systems (BAIS) to more accurately reflect our program's content.

Our webpages are being edited to include our new name. Thesis topic must be approved in advance by the MIS Department Committee; written report and oral presentation required.

Course may be repeated, but only six hours may be used to satisfy degree requirements. Access to the Internet is required.

Prerequisite: 18 hours of level coursework in MIS. Management information systems is the application of computer related technology to managerial programs.

There is of course a heavy technical component in the coursework, but the program also provides students with the broad perspective needed to advance in their managerial careers. The objective of our MIS course is to provide our University of Arizona students with a thorough and operational knowledge of information security so that this critical area is recognized as a management issue and not an I.T.

Master in Management Information Systems (MS/MIS)

issue. Gain the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in an MIS-dominated corporate world.

Mis coursework
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