Motorcycle essay

Cars have become unreal and artificial environments, a protective metal shell that isolates us from the world outside and limits its intrusion into our personal space. This is compounded by soft driving legislation that does not test drivers frequently enough and seldom requires them to maintain or upgrade their skill levels.

Car drivers can plow through all sorts of environmental conditions without changing the settings on their cruise control.

Tiny movements translate into significant reactions. Speed limits are annoyances best ignored in our rush to get to and from locations, not regulations or requirements. Riding is about spending an hour or two washing and polishing and then looking at your work with deep pride.

Email me at ichadwick rogers. To ride is to remember your body, to use it. For my warning signs about road hazards, click on the link. In more violent societies where gunfire is accepted as a socially acceptable form of interaction and firearm associations that encourage widespread gun ownership are considered "normal," it is not uncommon to read stories about drivers killing one another over such minor transgressions as cutting the other off.

Riding is that moment of sphincter-clenching fear and excitement when you scream through a tight corner, leaned over further than you thought you could, then pop out into the straight with a whoop and a grin.

We can smell the world we travel through, feel the wind buffet us, hear the sound of traffic; we are aware of environmental relationships, of the road conditions, and of our surroundings.

In Irelandsince[50] in the UK and some Australian jurisdictions, such as VictoriaNew South Wales[51] the Australian Capital Territory[52] Tasmania [53] and the Northern Territory[54] it is compulsory to complete a basic rider training course before being issued a Learners Licence, after which they can ride on public roads.

We ride in the world, never merely past it. These are motorcycles that are not specialised to one task, so they do not excel in any particular area. Bicycle and motorcycle dynamics Different types of motorcycles have different dynamics and these play a role in how a motorcycle performs in given conditions.

We get in the car to drive two blocks to a store, rather than walk. Riding sets us apart Before cars, there were motorcycles. A good rider knows this. Turn signals are unused as drivers careen in and out of traffic without warning.

Inside the automobile, the art of conversation dies while the kids in the backseat watch their mini-TV sets or squabble over their handheld electronic games.

Motorcyclists are not immune from stupidity, of course. No one sees you.


Thus the development of the automatic transmission - it removes from drivers the need to shift gears, but handicaps them by alienating them from the actualities of driving.

That for me defined the modern relationship most North Americans have with their vehicles. The most common configuration of motorcycle accidents in the United States is when a motorist pulls out or turns in front of a motorcyclist, violating their right-of-way.

Every motorcycle is a work of art, some breath-taking in their sheer elegance. Then he and his wife retreated inside to watch it from the security of their seats, all the windows rolled up, the engine running.

We are outsiders, non-conformists, free thinkers, independent and proud of it. Vehicle after vehicle displays the same uninspired engineering and derivative design.More often than not motorcycle safety should be a major concern for riders and should be learned and practiced prior to the operation of any motorcycle.

Motorcycle safety is a very important consideration not only to the operator but also for other individuals when sharing the road and should not be learned through adverse experiences. Classification Essay - Evolution of the Motorcycle Rider - Evolution of the Motorcycle Rider My first motorcycle was a Kawasaki Eliminator street bike.

I consider it to have been my training bike, and it was somewhat generic in the sense that it was not easily identifiable as a member of a specific style of motorcycle. Essay about History of the Motorcycle; Essay about History of the Motorcycle.

Words 4 Pages. History of the Motorcycle My goal is to explain the evolution of the motorcycle and how their importance has grown in our society. Motorcycles have changed a great deal over the past decade or so.

They are constantly being bettered and. A motorcycle, often called a bike, motorbike, or cycle, is a two- or three-wheeled motor vehicle. Motorcycle design varies greatly to suit a range of different purposes: long distance travel, commuting, cruising, sport including racing, and off-road riding.

1. Introduction.

The motorcycle, since its inception, has always been more than transportation. Because it takes place in public space, and because, in developed nations, it’s no longer essential as an economic form of transportation, it’s become a sport as well.

Motorcycle essays I have wanted to learn to ride a motorcycle every since my husband took me on my first ride. He had a FXE. It was big, black, twinkling with chrome, but what I liked most was the sound.

It was like riding a thunderbolt from heaven. I had never had a feeling like this. It wa.

Motorcycle essay
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