Rapid spread of islam essay

It was ironical that when Islamic societies also were feudalized, the status and family in which one was born became very important. They are mostly seekers of inner peace and solace.

Unlike feudal society there was no concept of any hierarchy among Arabs. According to the map in document A the Byzantine Empire and Persia blocked the only way out from the Arabian Peninsula. In those days unfortunately there was no such discipline in modern sense as history.

Causes and spread of Islam

Mecca is also the place where Muhammad created Islam, so this city was the base of where Islam could rapidly spread.

This in itself was a great revolution. Thus pressure of migration from Yemen and question of survival of Bedouin tribes together created a difficult situation and since both Byzentine empire and Iran were located in fertile areas the area comprising Palestine-Syria etc.

Roman Empire had always wanted to bring Arab territory under its control since it amounted to controlling profitable trade route from Yemen to Palestine. Thus these conquests benefited Arabs in number of ways. Thus Islam went beyond commercial society and gave importance to equality and individual dignity which is most modern and democratic concept.

With the trust of the people in Hims the Muslims won the war against Persia. His own good deeds mattered less. Commercial society is far more unequal than both agricultural and tribal one. The case of Bilal Habashi i. History was mere record of events rather than analysis of events.

However, both tribal and commercial societies are more open and liberal than agricultural society though tribal society is far more equal than commercial society.

But we do not find mention of any such fear among the causes of invasion. However, major conquests began with the 2nd Caliph Hazrat Umar. Generally the treaty is about how much food grains, clothes, slave men and slave girls the conquered country would supply to Islamic army and at times even cash is mentioned.

We know about the Prophet PBUH that he did not invade any country or even other Arab tribes to establish his domination or to establish control over their resources. Then why did he attack? Thirdly, many former non-Muslim power elite, in order to retain their position among new power elite, converted to Islam and through them many of their dependents too embraced Islam.

Did they go there to convert others to Islam with the help of swords as is often alleged? The concept of halal earning is much wider in concept and not merely limited to private property.Expansion: Discuss the internal features of Islam and context of Arabia and beyond that contributed to Islam's attraction and rapid rise Theological, geographical, and political reasons all enabled Islam to rapidly spread throughout the Middle East.

Islam spread so quickly that before it completed years of its origin it had reached right up to China in the east and up to Europe in the west. It had conquered, one can say, a large part of the globe shattering two most powerful empires of the time i.e.

Persian empire on one hand, and. Have you ever wondered exactly why Islam spread so quickly? The mystery has been finally solved! From these three paragraphs you will find out the answer to why Islam spread so rapidly.

Islam is the religion created by the prophet Muhammad. It was created in C.E. in a cave on Mount Hira. Spread of Islam Andrew Lowery HIS /CA September18, Kerrin Conroy Spread of Islam Islam is not only one of the three major monotheistic religions in the world today, it is also it is the fastest growing.

- Expansion of Islam Islam is a religion initially spread by the prophet Muhammad.

Muhammad had received the message from God while meditating and took the messages he received to birth the religion Islam (Doc A). Islam did, however, emerge in battle, conquering by force much of the Middle East and North Africa.

The rapid spread of Islam, both politically and as a religion, is remarkable. It is therefore fundamental to understand Islam on its own terms, its creation and spread from the Arabian Peninsula in the Seventh century.

Rapid spread of islam essay
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