Roger federer handwriting analysis

Djokovic has edge over Federer - McEnroe reveals why "He is highly confident in himself, with a large, healthy ego in his professional life. His Upper Mars tells us he can suffer from anguish and self-doubt, be disheartened, and can find it a little hard to hold up emotionally during bad times.

He has a natural aesthetic sense. He is a fast-fluid thinker who is always thinking several steps ahead," Mason Cohen exclusively revaled to Express Sport. His signature shows an artistic rhythm and pacing.

His hands give us a clue as to what kind of a person he really is. He has a powerful presence combined with un-showy but gritty intensity and a rock-solid determined spirit. That roger federer handwriting analysis what makes Roger Federer who he is.

He may dwell on what he considers to be his roger federer handwriting analysis more than his many strengths. This is an inherited quality. His balanced nature ensures that.

This trait does not combine well with the seriousness shown by Saturn, because it makes him see situations and also himself in a far more serious and worse light that is actually the case. He has effortless poise and self-control. His body and mind processes are working brilliantly in synchronicity.

By nature, he tends to be complex; a person who seems calm and controlled to the world, but who is coiled up like a tight knot inside. Roger Federer has a few weaknesses.

He has a systematic approach to his work. If he has been successful it is not just because of his hard work and skill, but also the way he thinks and also the enormous discipline and focus that he has. While he is prudent, cautious and dependable, he is altogether too serious Saturn.

No one likes to lose, but Federer takes it worse than most. Federer is a pretty shrewd guy and can be tactful and persuasive.

He is direct, efficient, and elegant in his movements. He likes to live an understated, unpretentious and simple life away from the spotlight. He may not always show it, but he feels very angry when he loses and often directs his anger at himself. This must have deprived him of the carefree life that many teenagers have.

If he seems calm nevertheless, it is because of the ability to control himself. He sees the opportunity in crisis, and has a muscular calm in the face of trying circumstances to quote Martin Seligman. Good person He is a good human being, even if he is cynical. His inspirations are produced in an uninterrupted flow.

If required he can lead a simple life. More so than anywhere else in the world, to be honest. Hands neither short nor long, fingers neither short nor long. The square tips and balanced hand show that he can summon up the necessary equilibrium.

If not, there can be trouble. He is not interested in showing off his wealth Sun finger and not interested in status symbols.

In other words, he can lose perspective. He finds imperfections within himself. His hands also show a temper Mars. Even if he likes to make money, money by itself is not important, excellence is.

He is not stingy and has good taste. Usually in the evening it always slows down. Federer cuts the picture of style and confidence on court and the incredible findings show how his handwriting is similarly classy - although there are signs of weakness.

His writing shows an awareness and need for setting clear social boundaries. He also gets into the details, plans and analyses.

Rafael Nadal true feelings on Roger Federer REVEALED: Expert uncovers secrets - EXCLUSIVE

When he is down, the aggression and temper which he has Mars again cannot sustain him.Roger Federer's hand analysis Roger Federer is an enigmatic personality to many. His hands give us a clue as to what kind of a person he really is. By nature, he tends to be complex; a person who seems calm and controlled to the world, but who is coiled up like a tight knot inside.

Skilful and talented, but vulnerable and soft inside. He has analyzed the handwriting of Terry Fox, Oprah, Kate Middleton, Beyonce, Donald Trump, Tom Brady, Roger Federer, Meghan Markle, Ryan Gosling, and many more you could be next!

One of the world’s most in-demand handwriting analysts, Jamie Mason Cohen, is coming to Niagara College on April. Roger Federer Forehand Analysis The Roger Federer forehand – a thing of beauty, the most natural looking shot in the game of tennis but also one of the most devastating and versatile shots to ever grace the sport.

Jan 22,  · Watch video · Expert reveals all after analysing HANDWRITING ROGER FEDERER is a 'loner' who may be hiding the full extent of his back injury, an expert has revealed. By Jack WilsonReviews: 2. Apr 24,  · Roger Federer Backhand analyzed in detail for you Go to: and learn how to.

Could Roger Federer have a serious injury? Expert reveals all after analysing HANDWRITING

The Roger Federer analysis includes tennis technique, fitness and diet and shows the reasons for his dominance in the world of pro tennis.

Roger federer handwriting analysis
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