S biography of william j clinton the youngest man elected president

He attempted to enact universal health insurance for all Americans, and appointed first lady Hillary Clinton to head the committee charged with creating the plan. He has taken an active interest in public affairs, and is one of the representative men of his township, and has filled many important offices, discharging his duties faithfully and conscientiously.

Baird was one of its chief supporters. Bacon is a member of the Knights of Pythias fraternity, the Masonic lodge and the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, and is now one of the trustees of the first named.

Before the organization of the township, as at present constituted, he was one of the township directors, and has been prominently identified with the development and improvement of the township from its first settlement to the present and has taken an interest in all matters pertaining to the public welfare.

He came across the Atlantic in a sailing vessel, and from New York went to Cleveland, and thence to Louisville, Kentucky, and then followed the Mississippi as far north as Dubuque, where he permanently established himself. Lura completed the eighth grade of school work and is now the wife of Jodie Hayden, a prosperous farmer of West Creek township.

Cora, who was educated in the common schools and was a teacher for three years in Lake county, is the wife of E. Having gotten a taste of national politics, Roosevelt felt less aspiration for advocacy on the state level; he then retired to his new "Chimney Butte Ranch" on the Little Missouri River.

The grading contracts awarded to the companies with which Mr. McDonnell came to Lethbridge in He changed his name to Clinton after his mother married Roger Clinton, a car dealer.

Bill Clinton

All these are now living. James Cameron in October,and Mr. One son who was in poor health, resulting in Phoebe and Ben living in Pincher Creek to be closer to schools and medical care for her son.

Gallagher never attended other than the district school and this only in broken periods, but his studious disposition has required but little aid; he has read good, wholesome literature, he had been a constant observer of the leading plays and his deductions and conclusions always bear the stamp or zeal of an originality redolent of genius.

He served as a trustee of the township inwas a member of the first school board, and the first school district was named in his honor. He belongs to the Methodist Episcopal church, takes a very active and helpful part in its work and has served as one of the church trustees for thirteen years.

He was occupied in the fulfilling of this contract for about three years, when he returned to Ottumwa, and has since resided here.

Theodore Roosevelt

Grace is also a member of the same church. On February 25,he was united in marriage with Miss Ursula Vandecar, and the five children born to this union are as follows: As the years have passed he has not only increased the fertility of the soil, but has erected a modern home and outbuildings, and now has one of the valuable farms of this section of Allamakee county.

InJames settled in the Fish Creek area. Finn, a well known farmer and stock raiser residing in Cascade, was born inin County Galway, Ireland, where also his parents, Thomas and Sabina Finn, were born. He managed the ranch until when he returned to England.

Pioneer Profiles : M

For a short time following he was employed at his printing trade, and then bought the Whiting News, which he still publishes in addition to the Saturday issue of the Indiana Harbor News, the first journal to make its appearance in this town. They had a family of seven children three sons and four daughters.

Nineteenth Century Lethbridge, p. Inhe was elected governor of the state. She was a daughter of Charles and Rebecca Simpson Stewart, her father being deceased and her mother a resident of Leroy.

He was re-elected in, and Arkansas adopted a four-year term for governors starting in While not a member of any church, he was free and open-handed in his giving to the cause of Christianity. New York studio photo.News, Photos and Information about Chicago Tribune.

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Ask Amy. During the years which marked the period of Dr. Bacon's professional career he has met with gratifying success, and while a resident of Lake county he has won the good will and patronage of many of the best citizens of Lowell and the surrounding districts.

GALWAY BIOS FOLEY. Iowa Official Register Biographies of State Officers.

JOHN FOLEY Senator from the Forty-fourth District, composed of the counties of. William Jefferson Blythe III, who we know today as Bill Clinton, was born on August 19, at hospital in Arkansas.

Bill’s father was a salesman on the road who died three months prior to Bill’s birth during a car accident. killarney10mile.com presents Bill Clinton, the 42nd U.S. president, who served during the longest peacetime economic expansion.

Clinton was the second president. William Jefferson Clinton, a native of Hope (Hempstead County), was the fortieth and forty-second governor of Arkansas and the forty-second president of the United killarney10mile.comn’s tenure as governor of Arkansas, eleven years and eleven months total, was the second longest in the state’s history.

S biography of william j clinton the youngest man elected president
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