Stats 2606 assignment 3 solutions

Building contracts were issued last year to three contractors starting up a new subdivision of houses. Let A represent the event that a randomly chosen person from this group requested an automatic transmission, and R be the event that they requested a satellite radio.

That is, what is P F?

To do so, we repeat the process of drawing a single student many times from the course of students. Which answer would you expect to be closer to your answer in part c?

Check the option to sample with replacement at the bottom of the dialogue box. Tutorials for this Question. Assignments are to be uploaded to the course website on cuLearn as a single legible PDF file by the above due date and time.

STAT 2606 A and B–Assignment-2

The lab for this assignment will take place on Thursday, July The first column of this worksheet contains the gender and soft drink preference of each student. We will see how relative frequencies can approximate the true probabilities calculated in the previous question.

For the 50 draws you simulated, what are the relative frequencies of students that i are female?


Box A Click anywhere in the Session Window. This will give you a summary of the sample results. Refer to Question 5. The average number of jars sold during those 16 weeks is What is the probability that the student a is female?

Many Carleton University students hold jobs during the regular school year in order to help pay for tuition, rent, and other expenses. In parts A — D you must first express each probability in terms of the events A and R.

A manufacturer of smartphones wishes to investigate complaints related to the litium-ion batteries that are used in its product. The session window will contain a tally of the values in column C3.

Which probabilities are closer to the actual probabilities you obtained in Question 5. That is, what is P B?

STAT 2606–Assignment 7

Consider an exponential distribution with a mean of 1. Prior to each draw, the student obtained on the previous draw will be placed back into the original population; that is, we will sample with replacement.Carleton University School of Mathematics and Statistics STAT A and B – Assignment #2 – Fall Due on Monday, October 17 before pm.

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Carleton University School of Mathematics and Statistics STAT Business Statistics I - Assignment 3 Section A due Wednesday, November 10, in class.

Stats 2606 assignment 3 solutions
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