The 1983 visit of pope john

The final day of the visit began with a visit to the National Seminary in Maynooth attended by 80, Stocky and dark, the cardinal, who turned 70 last week, has a man-of-the-people appearance that endears him to his flock, observers say.

During an interview in his spartan office, he speaks quickly, sentences tumbling into each other. It deepened tensions between the Sandinistas and the many Nicaraguan Catholics who supported the Sandinistas.

The final Mass of the visit was at Greenpark Racecourse in Limerick in the south of the country beforepeople which was more than had been expected. A dozen people, including three Sandinistas, were convicted last month of the previous bombings.

Hundreds of thousands lined the streets of Dublin that night for a motorcade from Dublin Airport to the Presidential Residence in the Phoenix Park. The trip lasted from February Obando y Bravo denies any interest in partisan politics.

Pope John Paul II

The Pope stressed the importance of church unity as the best way to prevent Nicaragua from being corrupted by "godless communism".

He also advocated the authority of the bishops and the importance of religious education.

List of pastoral visits of Pope John Paul II

Overattended a Liturgy of the Word in Drogheda later that evening. Among those most angry is Ernesto Cardenal, one of two former priests who served as Cabinet ministers during the Sandinista regime. That violence, so early in the electoral season, worries Obando y Bravo.

The next two days were spent in New York City, where he addressed the United Nations General Assemblyspoke to students gathered at Madison Square Gardenand conducted Mass at the original Yankee Stadium [6] [7] for 75, people [8] as well as at Shea Stadium to an audience of over 52, The controversial visit was also used by the "Contras" as a form of propaganda to give their organization moral legitimacy.

He arrived in Boston on 1 October. That time, chanting Sandinistas drowned out his words.

Pope John Paul II's visits to Nicaragua

The following day, Sunday 30 September, included Masses in Galway, Knockand a stop over at the monastic ruins of Clonmacnois 20, It was a scandal on a dark night. The hierarchy believed that the Pope would give moral legitimacy to their efforts to combat the "godless communism " of the Sandinista government.

Refraining from comment on the bombings, the year-old pontiff favorably compared this visit--the second stop on a four-country tour--to his experience here. The Pope made no reference to the incident, even words of condolence.Shortly before John Paul's arrival, the cardinal warned his congregation that the pope will not be manipulated, an apparent reference to the visit, when the pontiff was flanked by Sandinista leaders and placed before a backdrop of the.

This open letter to Pope John Paul II was written jointly by Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre and Bishop Antonio de Castro Mayer on November 21,during a visit made by these bishops in Rio de Janiero, Brazil.

In MarchPope John Paul II made a pastoral visit to visit took place amidst the ongoing Contra war, a period of extreme polarization between the Nicaraguan Catholic hierarchy and popular sectors of the Nicaraguan Church and heightened tensions between the hierarchy and Sandinista state.

Both the Nicaraguan. rows · 2 March Portugal: Lisbon Pastoral visit of Pope John Paul II to. Pope John Paul II prays in the grotto of Massabielle at the Roman Catholic shrine in Lourdes during his second trip to France, Aug.

14, Founded: Sep 18, The visit of Pope John Paul II to Nicaragua The visit of Pope John Paul II to Nicaragua The reformed-minded Catholics in Nicaragua hoped that the Pope was going to say some words of consolation to the families which daily lose loved ones to the counterrevolution, especially since just days before 17 outstanding members of the .

The 1983 visit of pope john
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