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Morris, in Gene Reviews, lists the following personality traits as typical of WM: With advances in care and assistive technologies, individuals with locked-in syndrome can become productive members of society. However, infants may develop progressive microcephaly, seizures, developmental delays, and severe intellectual disability.

There is a broad range in the degree of narrowing, ranging from trivial to severe requiring surgical correction of the defect. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read in this publication.

Darwin understood both music and consideration of emotion to be human core capabilities. Raglan Find articles by Greta B. All studies receiving U. I just read a book about a young girl -- she was born in Scotland -- and her family who lived on a farm.

However, many of the features are not exclusive to WS, and not all individuals with the condition will have the Williams syndrome and brain organization essay symptoms. Music is a core human experience and a generative process that reflects cognitive capabilities. Angelman syndrome is a rare genetic and neurological disorder characterized by severe developmental delays and learning disabilities; absence or near absence of speech; inability to coordinate voluntary movements ataxia ; tremulousness with jerky movements of the arms and legs and a distinct behavioral pattern characterized by a happy disposition and unprovoked episodes of laughter and smiling.

However, sometimes we want to share quick information about WS to people we meet and video might not be feasible. A form known as the congenital variant of Rett syndrome Rolando variant is characterized loss of muscle tone and severe developmental delays during the first few months of life.

The evolution of music and human social capability

Someone with Williams syndrome, on the other hand, will produce a drawing with the person underneath the bike, the chain stretched out below the wheels, and the pedals off to the lower left, connected to nothing. An MRI might also reveal decrease in brain size, damage to the basal ganglia, or reduced size of the cerebellum.

This deterioration can be rapid or gradual. Their eyes are widely spaced and often have a beautiful star-shaped pattern in the iris. Only in rare cases are males affected. After each heartbeat, this electrical system recharges, a process known as repolarization. Many children with this variant form of Rett syndrome have been shown to have mutations of the FOXG1 gene.

That suggests that they may have a defect in the calcitonin gene. Indeed, exposure to music in young children is known to promote prosocial behavior in children. Such tests include magnetic resonance imaging MRIwhich shows the damage to the pons, and magnetic resonance angiography, which can show the blood clot in the arteries of the brainstem.

Angelman syndrome is caused by deletion or abnormal expression of the UBE3A gene. Recent studies and articles in the medical literature have noted that despite significant motor disability affected individuals can retain a good quality of life.

These symptoms are due, in part, to difficulties with chewing and swallowing, which leads to poor food intake.People with Williams syndrome are smart and intellectually disabled, gifted and inept at the same time.

22q13 deletion syndrome

a support organization formed in People who have Williams syndrome all look odd in the same way, and that can make a convention of them seem a bit like a family reunion. that explain the Williams islands of ability. One brain.

Sep 17,  · Williams syndrome, music and pro-social behaviors Williams Syndrome is a genetic exaggerated pro-social orientation to the world, linked to the dysregulation of oxytocin that is tied to diverse forms of pro-social behaviors (Dai et al., ).

In locked-in syndrome there is an interruption of all the motor fibers running from grey matter in the brain via the spinal cord to the body’s muscles and also damage to the centers in the brainstem important for facial control and speaking.

Research: Overview of Autism. Fragile X Syndrome, Landau-Kleffner Syndrome, Rett Syndrome, and Williams Syndrome. Asperger Syndrome is characterized by concrete and literal thinking, obsession with certain topics, excellent memories, and being 'eccentric.' These individuals are considered high-functioning and are capable of holding a job.

Find a Patient Organization; Rett syndrome is a progressive neurodevelopmental disorder that almost exclusively affects females. Only in rare cases are males affected.

Infants with Rett syndrome generally develop normally for about 7 to 18 months after birth. Rett syndrome is believed to affect normal brain development during early.

According to the National Organization for Williams syndrome, the brain, and music [Press release]. Please use one of the following formats to cite this article in your essay, paper or.

Williams syndrome and brain organization essay
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